Japanese Genmaicha


A wonderful pairing of quality organic Sencha and organic toasted brown rice.

The taste is rich and nutty, with a mellow warming feeling to the drink. This charming blend is intriguing and has a complexity that will satisfy you at any time of day.

Organic Genmaicha is significantly lower in caffeine than other Japanese green teas, so the tea can be enjoyed in the evening, which makes it a favourite dinnertime beverage in Japan. The roasted nutty warming flavour is attributed to the sugar and starch from the rice in this blend. It is a well known easy to drink tea that can help to make the stomach feel better and aid in digestion (read more here).

Tea steeped from genmaicha has a light yellow hue and the second steeping is a milder version of the first. There are many stories of how this tea came to be but most of them have a similar theme, of generosity, humility and connection.

When drinking this tea you can understand how it was labelled 'the people's tea' a satisfying relaxing drink to share with friends in times of prosperity or hardship.

Organic Genmaicha has been produced according to the strict guidelines of the JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard) and is certified organic.