Iced Tea Cold Brewer 1000ml - Hario


This pot is beautifully made and easy to handle. Visually it looks great as you can see the tea brewing through the solid clear glass.

The filter lid is not only very secure while pouring but the filter works wonderfully keeping all the loose leaf tea in the pot and not in your glass! Oh and rinses easily... (winning life here)

Get healthy this summer, cut the fizzy drinks and start brewing iced tea. Your family will thank you for it! Cold-brew tea not only good for you but tastes great due to extraction the essential oils out of the leaf gently using cold water and time you are able to bring out the naturally sweet notes that tea has. It's the best, most convenient way to make cold-brewed tea (Much nicer and easier to use than a mason jar) and takes up very little space in the refrigerator.

You can brew smaller amounts of iced tea and experiment with what you like best, but it's still big enough you can make a batch big enough for one day and not worry about it going stale. To start the brewing again the pot gets a quick rinse, some tea, and then back into action in the fridge.

Method: Place roughly 15g of tea leaves inside the pot and add water to the 1000ml line. Throw the lid on, chuck in the fridge for 3-6 hours until completion. (depending on the type of tea) As the lid includes a mesh filter, you can pour directly from the pot into your favourite glass with ice and garnish to serve. For more info on iced tea brewing check out our blog article here.

Features: Built-in filter, ease of use and low space requirement in fridge, lead-free & dishwasher safe glass.

Material: body / heat-resistant glass, lid-tea strainer frame / polypropylene, mesh / polyester, lid packing / silicone rubber

Volume: 1000ml (4 full cups or more if you add ice to each cup)

Note: It's not travel-friendly, as the lid does not seal shut. Glasses sold separately.