Bona Tea Kettle 800ml - Hario


There is nothing more Kiwi than a kettle sitting on a fire, heating the water for a cuppa. Hario has recently released a new range of enamelware that is practical in use yet stunning enough to sit in a modern kitchen. The kettle is compatible with all oven types and even open flame.

The kettle is equipped with a large spout which allows the water to contain a lot of air when pouring. This helps to tumble the tea leaves while being submerged in hot water which is essential for good tea brewing. (The special shape designed inside the spout helps prevent an excessive amount of water from coming out.)

The bright white enamel outside, with a speckled navy blue interior and teak wood accents, is a perfect match for anyone wanting a kettle that will last a lifetime.

Features: Large spout, classic white enamel with a navy blue speckled interior.
Volume: 800ml (Holds enough hot water for 4 full cups) Body: enamel & tin
Handle: stainless-steel & teak wood / Lid: teak wood & tin
Suitable for: Induction, gas, electric, radiant, halogen & sheathed elements.