The Prestigious Harrington Estate The Prestigious Harrington Estate

The Prestigious Harrington Estate

By Alan Hughes

The Prestigious Harrington Estate The Prestigious Harrington Estate

By 1873 James Taylor had set Sri Lanka (aka Ceylon) on the path to becoming the land of the best tea in the world. Every connoisseur of this golden beverage knows good quality tea is synonymous with Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

The Harrington Tea Estate began in the 19th century with Scottish and English tea planters and throughout its more than 130 years of tea production has undergone several owners and a variety of tea growing protocols.

Today Harrington Estate is the vision of a sustainable, organic plantation, that provides the finest organic Ceylon green and black tea. Focusing exclusively on organic practices, traditional harvesting and processing, we believe it to be one of the finest estates in Sri Lanka. With stout views to carefully steward both natural and human resources to meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs you can clearly see why.

Maintaining and enhancing the ecosystem is just one vibrant part of sustainable practices. Managing the land and natural resources as well means conscientiously protecting areas where natural water flows, guarding against erosion of the soil from inevitable monsoons, developing wise waste management and, with an eye on the future, reserving a part of the estate dedicated to the cultivation of forest.


Harrington has earned USDA / NOP and European Organic Certification. The social responsibilities are critical to Harrington Estates mission. They strive to elevate working and living conditions of labourers, and meet their needs for health, education and shelter as a valued, and valuable, community, and that their compensation is fair. With a sense of mana (prestige, honour) of how well the workers are trained in the traditional craftsmanship that creates high-quality green and black teas for which we are proud to bring to you the finest of teas to our range.

Renowned Dimbula Region in Sri Lanka - The Harrington Estate in Kotagala, perched at 4,412 ft. on a mountain range in the central Sri Lankan region of Dimbula, famous for the smooth mellow character of its tea considered by connoisseurs as the “Bordeaux” of fine Ceylon teas.

Harrington is in the prestigious Hatton area of misty mountain ranges and verdant valleys where other famous tea regions are located, including Dickoya, Talawakelle and Nanu Oya, all rising from 3,500 to 5,500 ft. Here the rains of the monsoon seasons nurture a high quality of tea the industry acclaims as strong yet light, delicate and fragrant.

In addition to the monsoons, the Harrington Estate experiences the dry winds that fan across the valleys and slopes of mountainous Dimbula where the days are bright and dry, the afternoons experience the occasional light shower, and the nights are chilly, all weather anomalies that contribute to the complexity and intriguing flavor profile that can only develop when the tea plant undergoes this natural conditioning between rain and drought. When fully processed, Harrington Estate green and black teas are beautiful in their wiry, elegant length, delicious with an almost oaky exquisite taste and full body that is heady in its character and strength.