A Centenary of Anzac A Centenary of Anzac

A Centenary of Anzac

By Alan Hughes

A Centenary of Anzac A Centenary of Anzac

Wear your pin proudly to remember our ANZAC soldiers today.

Marking 100 years since our involvement in the First World War, the Anzac Centenary is a time to honour the service and sacrifice of our original ANZACs, and the generations of New Zealand and Australian servicemen and women who have defended our values and freedoms, in wars, conflicts and peace operations throughout a Century of Service. (Centenary of Anzac 2014 to 2018.)

All tea sold through our online store will have $5 donated to the remaining ANZAC servicemen and woman, whom we are indebted to.

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UPDATE: On ANZAC day we promised from every box of tea sold we would donate $5 to the remaining servicemen and women that did our country proud. I'm letting you know the support we received from good old Kiwi folk and a handful of cracking Aussies was amazing. Thanks for the overwhelming support!!!